Monday, December 22, 2014

Isla Isabel.... What an amazing island

I am sitting here with Chris and we are racing to see who can post first on our visit to Isla Isabel... yes it has come to that... This is our entertainment.  Cup of coffee in hand, dolphins in front of our boat swimming in circles here in the marina, and all the kids sleeping.. what more could you ask for on a beautiful morning in La Cruz.

Since Chris is telling you about our amazing Bird and Iguana island I will skip and move onto our next stop.  What I can say is that this Island was so inhabited with these creatures it was amazing.  They weren't startled by you, in fact I'm sure they were actually annoyed that we were walking on their island.  We could get so close to them and they would just look at us.  It was so awesome for the kids to see the wildlife up close.  My favorite was the Blue and Yellow Footed Boobie Rockery... There were so many baby birds to see.  

We came down yesterday from Chacala... what a sweet little town with a perfect wave break for boogie boarding, pina coladas on the beach and guacamole... my perfect day.  We anchored there for 2 days to spend Alexia's 12th birthday NOT out at sea.  This is her one request.  She loved it.  We had lunch on the beach, a Mariachi band play for her and then had her special dinner of Avgolemono soup.  This is her favorite soup of chicken, egg, lemon and rice.  So tasty!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL!

We motored down to La Cruz in the morning, it was a smooth ride down, we caught 4 fish and only kept 1.. the others are the skip jack which we throw back immediately.  We are now at the La Cruz Marina and it is nice to be dockside to get some organizing and cleaning done.

Last night we walked into town... 2 blocks :@) and at a the Black Forest Restaurant.  Alexia had never had shnizel before... low and behold there is a german couple that ended up here in La Cruz and opened a restaurant... It was actually very good food.

So now we are getting ready for our first guests... trying to make more room for them in the boat and storing stuff away... The one thing I can't believe is all the laundry that we are ending up with.  It seems to be one of our bigger expenses right now. I thought that being down here in the warm weather we would have less laundry.. it doesn't seem to be the case.  Everything just gets wet and moldy smelling on the boat... and I don't have enough room to air it all out on the lines during the day.   Granted I haven't busted out the 5 gallon bucket on the front deck yet and we are using the laundering services that are available.. call me lazy but doing all this wash is just to daunting a task right now.

We are all so excited to see my sister and family.

Here are some pictures of Isla Isabel... and I will post more onto shutter fly when I get a better connection.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hugs and best wishes..


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