Friday, December 12, 2014

Videos!? Unedited Test Footage!

Well we really hope to get some of our good video up on the site, but we keep struggling with it.  I also understand how hard it is for editors to cut things down- especially if they are responsible for the footage.  I wish I could get the HD footage up- but will need to settle on whatever works at this point.

If any readers can provide video formatting and uploading expertise- please reach out!  it would be very welcome!  I'd love to figure out the best quality vs. most efficient upload approach- I believe all the blog video uploads need to be under 100Mb.

This footage is of a great rush we had when we found a very large pod of dolphins we were able to play with for 15 mins.  We got to try out some new movie angles that are very revealing!  We will edit it more- but this is a test post- I hope it goes through and would welcome your feedback!   CHRIS

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