Friday, December 5, 2014

updating from a fuel dock in Puerto Escondido....

I just wanted to send out a quick note before we leave internet for the next 10 days.  We will be heading south to La Paz for a quick refuel and provisioning before we head out to Puerto Vallerta to meet our first visitors... my sister Piper and Family.  We are so excited to see them.  The kids mention them everyday and I think the boat is loaded down with beach debris that they are collecting to make chrismas gifts for everyone... Heads up aunty piper you may want to bring zip locks for the dead puffer fish ornament :@)...

We have had a great time up here in the loreto area... from seeing a pod of 50+ dolphins, finally I saw my blue footed booby, walking around Loreto and just as always the spectacular scenery from white sand beaches to amazing mountain cliffs.

We made it all the way up to San Juanico and then turned around to start heading back.  We were able  have a few amazing adventures there.  We decided to go and hike up this dry creek bed to see some cave paintings up on a hill side.  The kids were troopers and instead of hearing are we there yet... we were asked... Are you sure it is up here... I think we are lost... We had to cross this disgusting stag net water pool filled with mosquitos, stomp through bushes lined with cactus, and go under other bushes that were more used to the coyotes going thru than us.  Alexia found the first tarantula... that accompanied a bunch of screaming... but then it opened up to this amazing cliff side overhang that we were under neath.  The kids had a great time looking for the cave paintings that were small but definitely there.. mostly of fish and indian people.... then we realized that there was a huge wasp nest at the top of the cliff and the wasps had discovered us and were becoming more curious so we decided to head back down the river bed to the boat.  All in all the kids had a great time and we added to the remember when stories.

The next thing we did is go hunting for Apache Tears which are black Obsidian rock that was burried in the dirt/cliff by our boat.   The story goes that if you have an apache tear rock with you then you won't need to weep anymore because the apache's had already weeped for you.  The legend came from when the americans were fighting the indians and instead of being captures the warriors all committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.  All the villagers left behind wept for their young warriors lost in battle and from their tears fallen to earth came these black apache tear rocks... So the kids had a blast with their hammers and screw drivers climbing the hillside and digging out these rocks that are actually rapidly cooled lava flow.

After leaving here we went to Los Condaleros for some white sand beach time and bon fires on the beach.  Each kid was given a flint stone and was given the challenge to start a fire with the old tool.  Yes even Alina was up to the challenge... Of course the boy scout was able to start the fire first... but all the girls learned that the fire needs a few things to grow.  They all became proficient in building their fire Teepees and adding dry grass because they discovered that of course new grass doesn't work.

The next stop was Loreto.  What a fantastic little town.  I could see moving here.  It is so beautiful... amazingly clean... every nook and cranny is swept including the deserted areas and you see all the store owners out with their brooms.  Everyone is very friendly and it has such  quaint feel to it.  Small town friendly.  We had a fantastic lunch there after we discovered the Mission Museum.  Amaia was fascinated by the mission.  The museum was really well down and very organized and informative.  It was the first mission in the california mission chain and I am hoping to help her do a report off of all the signs that we took pictures of.

Of course we are getting fish and more fish... it is getting to the point that we are getting really picky and returning a lot to the sea.  But is really fun and now when Amaia comes up to see what has been caught she can Identify the fish on deck... and she gives a little Whooppeee or ugh.. not another one!

Now we are at a fuel dock getting of course diesel, and doing laundry.  We need to travel about 6 miles to another white sand beach lagoon called honeymoon cove and maybe we can hunker down their for 2 days.  It is suppose to be really beautiful.  After this spot we are out of reception for till La Paz so we will only be able to update via the single side band.

Again thanks for all the emails.  I wish that I could reply at a more timely manner if at all.  I wanted to let you all know that we do read them and really enjoy them.  We feel so far removed out here and everything is so quite that it gives a little piece of home.  Hope all is going well for everyone and you all are staying healthy through the winter months.

Take care and hugs to all.


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