Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quick Update with New Photos!

We have popped in to Villa Palmar at Los Candeleros (just South of Loreto) for a quick internet update and Christmas shopping online effort.  We are still hoping to make 22 more miles today as we head south over the next week back to La Paz.

We get lots of requests for more pictures, so I will try and upload as many new ones as possible.  We have some incredible video as well- but can't seem to get fat enough internet pipes to upload them- Cisco needs to work on that!

Lexi and I atop the rocks at Isla San Francisco

I've enjoyed hiking the mountains and hills of the islands we've been too and Isla San Francisco was great to do together with Lexi.  Most of these islands either dont have any paths, or certainly not OSHA approved trails-so its always quite an adventure and Lexi is quite the scrambler.

Tucked away in our secret anchorage - El Cardonicito

This picture is from one of the "secret" anchorages we discovered when we bought our last boat down here in La Paz.  Its on the National Park Island of Espiritu Santo.  We stayed here a few nights - including a night with amazing underwater sea life attracted to our underwater lights.
Our Spinnaker is up!

This picture is cool because our spinnaker is up and drawing- it was our first time up with it ever, and unfortunately it tore massively about 5 hours later.  We still haven't repaired it but hope to do so soon when we can get lighter weight nylon repair tape.   I think we'd get a lot of use out of it, as it allows us to sail quite a bit deeper than the gennaker.

Sisterly hair washing on the stern deck

The kids are bonding too, and fighting too- but we do enjoy the extra family time- most of the time.  I am astounded at how Lexi, Tristan and Mykaela can sit in the stern cabin and I won't hear them stop giggling for hours.

Tristan would like everyone to know that he wrote our name- but Amaia did the heart and posed for the picture

Chatting at sunset

I love this picture, and this family.  its fun to see what you resort to when you have no real agenda or timeframe.

Peace on Earth

Early Christmas Wish for the Whole World - we hope you are all doing fantastic!

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