Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yes- you too can have a custom Onesie!

As we snorkel around various amazing places, one small downside can be small to invisible jellyfish and other water nuisances.  Snorkelers and tropical divers often use Lycra suits to help keep them safe and a bit warmer.

On our last visit to La Paz we have heard strong recommendations about a woman that made custom lycra suits to measure.  We knew we needed these for the kids, and had enough time this time to go see "Katty".

Katty works out of her home, and was wonderful to work with.  On one appointment we flooded her house with our clan, and looked at her turtles and cats - and also got measured and got to pick out material colors.  On the next visit a few weeks later, we got to pick up the completed superhero suits!

The kids loved looking at all of the choices of lycra (it reminded me of a bad biker short period in the Eighties) and Katty did an amazing job with all of the suit sizes.  More so that the outstanding product or price,  our favorite memory is of the loving, open, accommodating person - similar to so many great people we have already met on this journey.  Hugs for Katty from everyone and we needed to head out to Mazatlan- but if you know anyone that needs a Lycra Onesie, and who doesnt, really? - please call on Katty! (612) 140-4930

Katty and the Family Circus Superhero Crew!

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