Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some Homeschool Homework! By Lexi

I've been working with Lexi on her homeschooling for the last few weeks and we've had some great days and some harder days- but the girl has a great head on her shoulders. I enjoy almost all the subjects with her, with the exception of grammar, which I leave to Heather or her Auntie Morgan- I think I get a pass as I didn't grow up in the U.S.

She did an 8 min 40 sec speech on "Life in Ancient Greece" in front of her whole family, including getting post-speech feedback from every member of the family. She is a gracious orator, especially when she knows her content, and is quite a confident young lady.

Yesterday we started a new reading section on Poetry- which is far from my strong suit- but its been a fun start learning about styles and certain Poets. I know she has been light on her blogging and I thought I would send along for encouragement her first poem, written in the style of jazz poet Langston Hughes. (He uses personification a lot)


Let the Sailboat rock you to sleep

As it surfs down the wave
Let it be Happy
Let it Hum

It will luff its sails as it tries to find the wind
As if it is wandering aimlessly

At night it gently drifts in circles
Smiling as it dances a waltz with the anchor

I love my Sailboat

Please send a long your comments and feedback for her- please either use the comments function on the blog website, or send along an email to ctzortzis2014@gmail.com

Thanks! CHRIS

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