Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter at the Equator!

Well we didnt know we'd have these two big "E" milestones together on the same day- but here we are!

Family Circus and its 7 Pollywogs crossed 0 Degrees 0.00 Minutes N/S Latitude at 0854 this morning, and everyone woke up to experience it. We promised the kids there would be a line in the water but somehow we missed it. we actually headed due west for about two minutes swinging between the north and south hemisphere, and at one point each half of the boat was in a different hemisphere. All aboard are now officially Shellbacks, although the ceremony has been postponed due to Easter and lots of wind. We are flying along at 8-9.5 knots and have been for the last 4 hours- its great progress but not great for ceremonies.

Much to our surprise, The Easter Bunny came to Family Circus as well! Chocolate eggs, gift bags, Kinder Ueberaschungs Eier appeared from somewhere this morning, thrillling Alina and Amaia who had written the Easter bunny a note yesterday and had made Easter decorations. We have speculated whether the Easter Bunny rode on a Dolphin, or whether he has a cousin, Easter Turtle- but the outcome is great either way. We are thankful for today and its meaning and hope you are all well and enjoying the day.

I'll let Heather chime in with more of an update, but all is well, and we officially have Barn Fever for the Marquesas- less than 600 NM to go! Giddy Up Family Circus!

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  1. What a day, 600 is soooo close. Love reading these updates daily. Happy Easter 🐰🐇