Friday, April 3, 2015

Pacific Puddle Jump Passage Day 13

Hello Everyone,

We are on Day 13 now... almost 2 weeks.. it is nice being past the half way point and are often dreaming of landfall now. The kids are beginning to get excited about getting to land and they are dreaming of the ice cream they will be on the search for. We don't have ice on board... so unless we put things in the fridge way in advance most our drinks are warm. There is not much new to say. We had an uneventful night last night. The moon was full and high illuminating the way for us. There was only one major squall that we had to go out of our way to avoid and then we are now back on track. We are cruising in light winds now. The seas have calmed down substantially so it now feels like we are finally beginning to get into the dead zone... We have had a lot of luck with the winds... in the areas they said it would be light we have consistently had winds from 15 - 20 and up knots and until about an hour ago we were able to cruise at speeds mostly in the 8 and 9 knot range with bursts up to 12. It has been great. We are currently at 3.44N and 132.21W, our course is 201 and we are crusing at about 6 knots. Our windmeter broke so I can no longer tell how much wind there is unless i get the manual one out.. .but we can definitely tell it has lightened up. The humidity is definitely increasing as we get closer to the equator. We are in a constant state of moisture.... at least it is nice to have the hard bimini for shade and the motion of the boat to create the wind.

The kids are great... we are trying to get back into a routine of school... they don't like that but are getting back into it slowly. Alexia is learning guitar and french and tristan is also still learning french... The small girls are having a lot of play time and making forts and playing with their toys. I am looking forward to this time so that I can do a little laundry.. We had a mishap where one of the windows was left open and we took on sea and rain water in our room ... in this climate it is hard to get things to dry out... you are constantly putting things out to dry in the sun and then taking them down for the squalls, then back up again, and down again... i guess it is something to do. :@) Now with the motion of the boat settling down I am hoping to also starting cleaning and give it a good scrub inside and out... yay me!

Hugs and love to all,


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