Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pacific Passage Day 12 - We are in the ICTZ

Hello Everyone,

So it is now day 12... wow time flies. I can't believe we have been out here this long... it just doesn't feel like it. Last night we had a bunch of squalls passing through and we easily dodged them. The wise sailors that said that these are nothing to fear .... where right. I guess i need to start having more faith in what they say... It truly has been a great passage so far. We haven't had any thunderstorms since 2 days ago and the squalls are short lived with winds on in the 30's im guessing... only because we go along the outskirts of them and are winds are around 25knts. Today the winds have died down along with the seas. The swells are a gentle roll of about 1 - 2 feet and all of us on board are enjoying the smooth ride we are having at this point.

They say from now until the equator the seas will be this way and the winds will be from 5 - 10 knots. We may actually be able to sail a good portion of the ICTZ which is known for the dead calm area of the pacific... They say this isnt a typical year to cross in regards to weather.. the thunderstorms and squalls just aren't what they usually are and there are light winds across. Good news for us because the boat likes to cruise in 12 -14 knt winds and can usually average about 8 knots... Right now we are traveling a direct course to the Marquesas Islands. It is about 1,000 miles away and we are on track on a course of 211 degrees. We are currently at 5.59N and 131.00W... traveling at about 8 knts... winds are 13... its beautiful today.. clear skies with patches of clouds. We had our first really bright double rainbow this morning that was fun for Amaia and I to see.

Today the kids and Chris watched a movie while I took a nap. Everyone is in a good mood and happy and all is well on board.

Hugs and love to all


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