Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tristan's Update

Hey it is Tristan,

We had a really fun day at the beach today, and my dad and I got to go exploring up through the woods. My dad asked me and the rest of my family if anyone wanted to go into town. The town is couple miles away so I was the only one who wanted to go. When my dad and I left we started walking on the road and there was a long curve ahead that went to town but it was really long so my dad said we should cut across the beach and then climb up this jungle hill. I didn't want to walk on that long curve so I thought why not. When we got to the beach there is a tiny stream we had to cross so we started crossing it and that is when my dad almost stepped on a eel. After that we hurried across and started to scale the jungle. The jungle was steep and I had flip flops on and they kept falling off. There was lots of wild life there including Hermit Crabs, Mosquiteos, and Gnats. Near the road there was lots of reeds that were strong that we would grab onto. When we got to the road the first car that went past us stopped, I was confused because my dad was behind me and it turned out my dad stuck his thumb out. The lady gave us a ride into town and she went into the same store as us, The Grocery store ( Bum Bum Bummmmm) The grocery store is the best that we've had on this trip because all it's food is imported from the states. After the grocery store we started wondering around and found a Petanque court(Bocce Ball Court). My dad and I had nothing to do so we went to this really good restaurant/Cafe. We sat there for half an hour talking which was really nice. After that we started to head back and someone from the restaurant offered to give us a ride. When we got back we had baguettes and sandwiches, we also had these new chips we just got that were, Lays roasted chicken flavored (Tom, do they have these in the states?). After lunch we headed to the beach and had boat races. We made the boats out of stuff that we could find around us and then raced them in the stream. Later that day we watched the Frog Princess (Whoopie). We had Chili for dinner that was really good and are talking about are next island.

P.S I did not say Head Honcho, I had something different that couldn't go on the blog.

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