Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jangles..... by Tristan


I have just found out recently that flip flops in New Zealand are called "jangles". To me jangles are a better name than flip flops. The reason we call them all terrain jangles is because I wore them in the river, I wore them when we hike for five hours and when we go anywhere. Two days ago my dad and I went on a hike with our New Zealand friends. The hike was supposed to be a nice hike but instead of that we did two an a half hours of straight up hill then two and a half hours of straight down hill, and when I say straight, I mean straight. Aside from the terrain, the hike had amazing views and I got to bring the machete, and I never put it back in the sheath. On the hike there wasn't anything to cut down but there were lots of banana trees but none were ready except one with a rat on it.

It is really cool over in Fatu Hiva, because of all the tikis and waterfalls. The first day we got to Fatu Hiva we went to the waterfall and it was a blast because the waterfall is probably 450 ft, and there was a little spot on the bottom were you could swim. My favorite part about the waterfall was that we brought the machete and found a coconut and had it for part of lunch. It took quite a bit of hacking to get to the coconut milk and meat, but we finally figured it out, and are getting better at it. I wonder if my Scoutmaster, Mr Steuber, will let me take the machete on the next 50 miler?

The next day we moved to Tahuata and the waves are really cool. They don't crash but they surge, and roll you up onto the beach. A local man named Steven came up to us warning us about the traps for the wild pigs, and later on he came up to us and gave us a lot of raw wild pig he had caught. Today we had a huge rain storm that lasted all day. It is really cool and we collected a lot of fresh water and I took a shower in the rain.

Although Tahuata is nice, I am looking forward to Ua Huka, where there is another waterfall, and maybe we can go diving or snorkeling. Maybe I can take my Jangles snorkeling? TRISTAN

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