Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary.... and happy crossing the equator...

Hello Everyone,

Well we have had quite a few things to celebrate over the last few days... at least we can say it is not so boring and gives us a challenge every day. I want to say Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you got to spend time celebrating with family and loved ones. We had a great day of sailing in clear blue skies, spending close time with all of our children (except Kava,,, we miss you babe!), taking naps, listening to music... oh wait,,, we have done that for the last 16 days. Never the less we enjoyed a steak dinner, with real mashed potatoes and corn, and said our blessings for all. Tristan had made drop bisquits and is really starting to enjoy baking... I love it!

Yesterday we while we were out sailing... Hee hee, we snag 2 fish at the same time... now you will have to imagine.. these aren't normal fish we have to slow the boat down in order to make and progress on landing them or we lose our lures... and when you have your sails up and the boat is rolling like you are on a roller coaster... the kids are often throwing their hands high in the sky and saying .... "Weeeeee" that was a big one.... it is such chaos everytime we hear the music of the fishing pole being drug out by a fish.... so the drill is... at first of course everyone yells.... FISH ON! like no one hears this thing... then I jump to the wheel to turn the boat into the wind to stall it out... while Tristan and Chris strap on their harnesses and jump to the fishing pole... the little girls are running around the boat yelling fish, fish, fish... and Alexia is there to supervise us all. Yesterday was particularly fun because not only did we snag 2 fish at the same time but we had a squall quickly approaching... so of course we have to stall the boat and grab the lines... Mykaela actually reeled in one of the fish and she was so cute with her excitement of being able to land her first fish. Chris quickly got his landed and released... Dang 20 pound road kill (pacific skipjack) then ran over to help Mykaela get hers on deck. Both unfortunately where the skip jack and needed to be set free... But it was definitely a ton of fun bringing these guys in with raining pouring down and fortunately the winds where not very strong on the squall that passed over us... Chaos over and everyone goes back to lying down reading, waiting for the next time the pole sounds the alarm...

Today is our anniversary, 16 years... Chris and I are going to celebrate it by spending close time together, staring into each other's eyes, telling stories, listening to music, having dinner, Oh wait... we've been doing that for the last 16 days... Hee Hee. It is really nice to be able to get to know each other and spend so much quality time together. He really gets to see the good, the bad, and the ugly with me ... I think this is truly a test... if he still has patience with me when we land.. I think we will be good for life. :@) My anxiousness has been flaring.. and I am getting sort of done with the pounding, rodeo ride, but he is so patient and is always able to reassure and make me feel better. Even though I know it is hard for him too. He is the ever Pillar of strength for us all and I know that I can always lean on him for support, comfort, a laugh, etc... Happy Anniversary honey and did I mention... Thanks for the trip to the Marquesas, you are the best!... It will be awesome!

We are currently at 02.49S and 135.33W We are heading on a course of 180 Directly South in order to get to 06.00 lat. from there we will hang a right and hopefully have a little better trip for the last 2 days.... Just 2 more days of this rodeo rollercoaster ride... I think we can "Suck It Up" and hang in there Knowing that the end is near. I am really looking forward to dropping anchor and being able to just chill for a little while. Although they say that once you hit land after a trip like this you get land sick. The kids want to film us when we first land on shore because they say we wont be able to walk straight... it is the same feel as if you have been rollerskating for awhile... you have a hard time getting rid of the old motion... I guess I will have to continue with my stugeron routine.

The kids don't seem to notice all the motion to much... they are such troopers. The continue to entertain themselves with arts and crafts, games, imaginitive play, creating songs.... etc... it is like an everyday thing to be on this boat with all the rocking and rolling... They are learning to hang on at all times.. you can't take a step without hanging on to something or you will be tossed a little... so they have learned and so far everyone is really just amazing.. we are so lucky that they aren't complaining, saying they are hating it or anything like that... they just ask once in awhile how much longer... now I get to say 4 -5 days maybe sooner... Yay...

Hugs and Love to all,


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