Thursday, April 9, 2015

We have dropped the hook and are enjoying land in the Marquesas

Hello Everyone,

We have anchored safely in the Marquesas.  We are now legally checked into the country and have walked all through town and got our bearings... it is so beautiful here with all the jungle all around... and the smell of everything is over powering.  The kids stopped at every flower to compete with who had the best smelling flowers...

We are at a cyber cafe enjoying some crepes and coffee and then off to a pizza place for dinner.  My battery on my computer is dying and I forgot the electric converter.... so we will update more later but wanted to let everyone know that we are safe and sound and looking forward to the first good night sleep in 19 days.

Hugs and Love to everyone,



  1. So happy for you all-we read your entries every day! Journey misses you all very much. Everyone in Paradise Village is keeping track of you all. Congrats! Cheers and get some sleep.

  2. Congratulations!! Such a huge accomplishment. It's been thrilling to follow your journey so far. . Looking forward to more epic moments! Take care.