Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Almost ready to head out to Vanuatu...

Hello Everyone,

It has been so long and time has flown for us.  We have been so busy getting the boat ready to get off the dock again.  I won't bore you with the list of our chores but let's just say I am really tired of thinking about what we have left to do instead of planning for our next adventure.  The chores really do get old and it is stressful being tied to the dock, so even though my anxiety is kicking in about another passage and I am sleep deprived, bad stomach and grumpy at times... (I know that is hard for many of you to believe, but I do get grumpy... Hee Hee) I need to bite the bullet and untie the lines.  I think I am ready to see the color blue again, have warm weather, sunny skies and sandy beaches, and a drink in my hand watching the sunsets....  Plus a weeks passage will help me lose a little of the pounds I have gained being on land again... UGH :@)

The boat is heavier with provisioning, but in many ways lighter with everything we have off loaded and our bank account is definitely lighter... It always seems to happen when you have those pesky maintenance chores to do on the boat.  Now that we have the boat in such great shape, and all spit spot again, everything tuned and cleaned, painted and shiny... I hate to list her for sale.  Chris and I often joke about just keeping her here in New Zealand when we are done so that she will be ready for our next tour in a few years, and we can continue on our circumnavigation adventure... Hmmm we will see what happens.  I am starting to truly worry about our mental health reintegrating back into our old life..... I love this cruising lifestyle more than I can admit...if it weren't for the money thing... and even with those damn passages, I could be convinced to continue on...

We have met so many wonderful people here in Whangarei and New Zealand but it is time to cut the cord and make our way north again.

We were hoping to leave on the 10th, but of course we try to wait for the best weather window possible and now it looks like we will be heading out sometime around the 14thish... that is our new motto... is all good.

Vanuatu has so much to offer it will be the Tzortzis whirlwind to see and do everything that we can in 4 weeks... but we will give it our best try... in doing this we have been trying to get ahead of Tristan's and Alexia's school commitments so that we can do and see everything without the weight of school on our backs and the pressure of getting behind.  With that said.. we wouldn't miss anything just because of school and we will definitely take advantage of the warm vanuatu culture and traditions and try to dive into their community as much as possible.  There are 2 volcanoes that are suppose to be mind blowing and also the land diving... then there is the wreck of the Coolidge that has to be explored, and so on and so on.....

Anyways... I just wanted to give a little shout out.  We are happy, healthy and excited about the next stop on our adventure.

Hope all is well at home, hugs and love to everyone,


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