Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 4 Passage to Vanuatu

Hello Everyone,

It is official.... we are now getting a little stir crazy, but all is good on the boat. We finally hit some breeze early this morning and have been able to turn the motors off. That definitely helps with sanity and not having to worry about how much gas we have. The swells have picked up a bit and are a little confused but are still comfortable and manageable. We are cruising at about 7-8knots now with the swells behind us giving us a push. The winds should be light but consistent for a good portion of the rest of our trip. We should be there in 3 days if all goes well.

It is nice with our tank on the water here because even in light winds if the angle is right she will easily do a steady 8-9 knots in 8-10knots of wind. Super cool and that is the ride we are on right now. It looks like we got out of New Zealand just in time (Tzortzis luck) because they are getting slammed right now with 4 new fronts coming in with High wind and swell warnings. Unfortunately for us... this means that those pesky swells will be heading our direction so it will impact where we will be able to go and anchor in Vanuatu. I am sure it will work out.

It is definitely starting to get warmer. I have put my foulies away and enjoying the warm weather now and looking forward to what is ahead of us. The sea temp is up to 76 from 68, when we get to vanuatu it should be like a bath and around 80... We are starting to see the first signs of flying fish again.

Otherwise everyone is in good spirits and taking advantage of the passage by watching a ton of movies, reading, sleeping and listening to music. Oh we caught 2 more Mahi Mahi but we let them go... just so they can tell their friends that we are a friendly boat... Fish are our friends not food... Hee Hee

Hope all is well.

Hugs and Love to all


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