Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 3 Passage to Vanuatu

Hello Everyone,

This will be short, not much new on our end. The winds still are light and we are still motoring. We are calculating our gas and if we had to how far will we be able to go on gas since it doesn't look like the winds are changing a whole lot. We are hoping that the models are true and we may see some light winds coming that are actually in the right direction so we can actually turn the motors off and sail. We think we have about 86 more hours till we get there and at 6 knts we feel that we need about 70 gallons of gas. We have about 100 gallons still available so we feel pretty good even if the wind doesn't kick in, but we don't want to really test our theory.

Everyone is in good spirits, there is not a cloud in the sky, the temperature keeps rising and the nights are not cold any longer. It feels good to be getting into the warmer weather again. Alina and Amaia are creating new business plans for our arrival and are making their posters for Boat 'N Beauty... yes that is correct the mobile beauty salon with massages for cruisers... Hmmm Thanks for the inspiration Anna Composto... I know you were their first customer and helped them to refine their business plan and make it new and improved. I am waiting for the under new management sign.

Tristan and lexi are really helping alot by taking on shifts at night. It is so nice to be able to split up the hours so we aren't exhausted. It was great when we had Mykaela on board. Not only do we miss her soooo much with all her humor, wit and crazy silliness that kept our spirits up, but she also helped with the shifts... so now Tristan and Alexia are stepping up and doing their part. It always amazes me how much laughter and good spirits the kids have on these passages. Image taking your family into your kitchen with some sleeping pads for 7 days and not leaving it... your scenery never changes, it is always blue, and you are constantly bumping into each other and being swayed side to side or knocked off balance. It is fun for a little while but after about a week I am ready for a beach and land. One of the favorites of the boat is playing name that tune with our music. The music on the boat is always soothing and at the same time distracts you from thinking "are we there yet".... Thanks Don for your music contribution. We are still using the Ipod on a daily basis.

We caught one fish today... Skip Jack. It is a tuna that we just can't seem to get used to the taste of, so we usually end up throwing it back. We are not fish snobs, we just don't want to kill something for the sport of it and then waste the meat... so they always get thrown back in.

Hope all is well for everyone at home.

Hugs and love to all,



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