Friday, May 20, 2016

Toto we are not in Kansas any more....

Hello Everyone,

We arrived last night at 8pm into Anelghowhat Bay in Anatom, Vanuatu... it was an easy entrance with our google earth charts and the other 4 boats that had their lights on we could easily find a spot to lay the hook. Once we were settled the relief poors in for me and the peace of being here is overwhelming. Your senses kick in and are super sensitive to smells and sounds that you haven't heard or smelled in over a week. You can smell land from about 5 miles out for sure and in a good wind you can smell it farther. The smell of smoke is so welcoming. It was a wonderful night with the moon peeking behind the clouds and a gentle breeze and the sound of the surf breaking on the reef just beyond our anchorage I couldn't wait to get to get a good night sleep. Waking this morning you kind of forget where you are at first until you look out the window and see the palm trees lining the white sand beach and hear the dogs barking, roosters crowing, smoke filtering through the trees and the villagers going about with their morning routine calling to each other, walking the beaches and fishing. It truly is an amazing sight after being out at sea for a few days. I am enjoying my first lovely cup of instant coffee for the first time in over 6 days and absorbing the moments and the sounds around.

We will be here until Monday. We are not sure if we can check in yet, chris is in the dinghy getting the scoop from the other boaters that are here and seeing what there is to do and how we check in on a weekend if possible. It is a lovely anchorage, well protected and a beautiful day so there really is no need to rush about. I dipped my toes in the crystal clear water this morning to feel it was like bath water and am looking forward to a snorkel on mystery island hopefully later today. This little island behind us is where the cruise ships come and bring their guests, it is surrounded by white sand, supposedly good snorkeling and an airstrip down the middle. It must be for a very small plane... If you google earth it you can see what I am talking about...

Ahhhhhh ... so nice to be here.

Hope all is well at home,

hugs and love,

Anelghowhat Bay, Anatom, Vanuatu

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  1. Check this out... I don't have Google Earth so I figured I'd just Google your location and check out Images. And whaddya know, the family portrait "Laughing Tzortzis" appeared! Lol. So glad you're back in your element. It sounds (and from the Google images, looks) heavenly! Hope everyone stays healthy, and that the warm weather and picturesque surroundings drive out evil spirits, aka, flu bugs. Enjoy!! xoxo