Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day one passage to Vanuatu

Hello Everyone,

Well we knew there wouldn't be much wind out here on our start to Vanuatu... We have been motoring for almost 36 hours now. The seas are flat with this gentle rolling 1-2m swell, the skies are clear with the brilliance of stars that put on a show for you after the moon sets. I haven't seen any mermaids or dolphins yet, so that is a good thing. So far this passage has been great and allowing us to get our sea legs back. Using the transderm patch for sea sickness has it's draw back for some. They say it can make you hallucinate or having these amazing dreams at night. For me it just works and besides an itchy rash behind my ear where it is stuck to I unfortunately haven't experienced any of the side affects... although I keep waiting for those amazing dreams and as some say having my compass look like a pizza.

The kids are doing well. I hate to say they are watching more movies than I care to admit but it isn't my battle right now. It is funny how going on passage turns everyone into slugs and we all just lie around a wait for the sight of land. Alina is of course running around the boat pulling everything out from her room and bringing it up to make forts under both of the cockpit and saloon tables. I am glad that she can entertain herself, I just wish I had more patience for the mess in our small rolling, tipping home.

I wish I could report that we are all very productive and doing schoolwork and going about our normal routines, it just doesn't work that way for our family. Tristan and Alexia have stepped up to the plate and are taking 2 hour watch shifts each at night. This is great and it really helps to have those extra hours to sleep. Tristan made dinner last night for everyone. I woke up from a nap and here he was warming up the spaghetti sauce and making noodles. Our meals on passage are not very glamorous but with that said it was such a nice surprise for him to take that on without being asked. I am sure he started it because he was hungry and couldn't wait any longer... but even so it was really nice of him to take the initiative.

Anyway... we have been trolling with 3 lines out and have not snagged even a nibble. I am hoping to catch a fish in the next few days. It has been so long and I love how excited everyone gets when we hear the line take off. Sometimes the boat is so quiet with everyone either reading or watching a movie that it is eerie. The excitement will add a welcomed burst of energy.

We have about 750 miles more to go and since we can only motor right now we are traveling at about 6 knots an hour speed over ground. I know I asked for this kind of passage but about 10 more knots would really make it ideal so we can give the engines a rest. I don't think we will be up into the trades for another 3 days... we will see.

Hugs and love to everyone,

32.28.960 S
173.17.447 E

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