Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 2 of passage to Vanuatu

Hello Everyone,

Well another day is done and we have had sunny skies, lack of wind, calm sea state, large gentle rolling swells. We caught our first fish (mahi mahi) and landed it. I have forgotten how beautiful those fish are... but we are still looking forward to fresh sushi... sorry fishy.

We are hoping to get some wind to help push us down the track. The current we were fighting is starting to lighten up so we can finally average about 7knts under one motor. That will help us a little. The kids are great and have taken on the passage routine and comfort. We are napping, cooking, watching movies, reading and that is about it. There isn't much else that we can do with out getting sick, so the days seem long. Our weather looks good for the rest of the passage, the winds are just light so it may be a slow go... with everything working, watermaker, generator, refrigerator, freezer and I have stocked the boat so that if we didn't see land for 3 months we could still eat like kings... or at least eat.

We are often talking about going home now and the kids are already designing their rooms and fighting over who gets which room... like they have a choice.. hee hee. Everyone has torn emotions about coming home.. for the most part they/we are all excited to jump back into non cruising life, but on the flip side we have really loved our last two years and treasure all that we have learned from it. We love the freedom of this life style and how relaxed it is most of the time (unless you are in the marina), love the community of people you meet on the docks and how everyone looks after each other without a second thought... I know in our lives at home people have the same generosity and care for each other... it just feels different somehow when you are parked with in 10ft of each other and people are rooming past you day and night offering or asking for help.

A story that Alina wrote she is our acting reporter on board, "BN Boat News"

Hello, We're back with boat news and it seems to be bright and sunny today, and a little bit rocky. Folks, hey I forgot something. It is the 100th anniversary of sailing. Boy sometimes I wish that we could just go home to Lafayette, but I love the boat as well. So it's pretty hard to decide for me, and Wow! look at that we are going to Vanuatu and New Caledonia, but I have to go so we will see you next time on BN Boat News. Is it off... Is it off... Okay it's off. Hey we can hear you. Hi, sorry folks, tata for now.

Hope all is well for everyone,

Hugs and love,



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