Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 2

Hello Everyone,

Since I am typing this you know that we are all doing great and our sea sickness has subsided. If I could just get the kids to stop running around on the boat that would be even better.

It has been a wonderful two days of sailing... some may say the last day has been a little slow but I have enjoyed the motion of the boat much better. The sea state is very calm right now. We have about 1 to 2 foot waves lapping up against our beam. "it rocks us gently, rocks us slowly, take it easy babe don't you know... " Okay enough. The kids are doing well, we are reading a ton and watching movies. I thought about having some school session but I'm not quite there yet and hesitate to have the battle with the kids and then tell them never mind because I can't read or focus that long.

Last night was really amazing. Mykaela was on watch when she came running down into my room and said, "Come on Mom,,,, it's really cool you have to see!" I came up to see dolphins swimming beside the boat and leaving their phosphorescence trail behind them. It was amazing to see the green glowing streaks through the water and then when they would break the water it looked like Tinker Bell has just dumped fairy dust all over them. They were sparkling everywhere. During the day, the water is so amazingly BLUE... Often, I am just staring at it. It seems almost the color of a blue raspberry snowcone... its beautiful. (and that would be really nice to have right now) We have seen a few birds fly by and I wonder why on earth they are out here so far... and then of course the spinner dolphins that join us occasionally. It is really cool how high out of the water they can jump and how fast they can go. I wish we could lasso them and have them pull us along. I am hoping that the winds pick up a little and that we can scoot along at a little faster pace but I am truly not complaining. Right now it is 13:30 and we have gone 300 miles of the 3000. We have crossed our first Longitude line and gone a 10th of our way... seams like a reason to party :@) or at least break open the snickers.

I have been trying to document this journey but it seems can only take so many pictures of the kids lying around and the sails... Tristan has taken it upon himself to video blog our trip so i am looking forward to the final stage of me crawling on the beach and taking my sand samples.... Lets hope we have fair winds and calm seas for the rest of the trip... knock on wood!

Hugs and love to all.


Lat: 18.10 North
Long: 110.03 West

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  1. Awesome! I can't stop watching the tracker saying where you guys are!