Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pacific Passage Day 10 1/2 way there... hopefully

Hello Everyone,

Today has been better... the winds have come down to about 15knts and the swells have eased up a bit. It is not so much a mechanical bull ride anymore so we are enjoying the slow roll from side to side versus the jerking motion. We have gone 1600 miles and Chris is baking a "half way there" cake... maybe even some balloons...

We are currently at 09.09N and 126.23W. We are heading 260 degrees... almost west at a speed of 7 knts. We have figured out that we believe if all continues we will be at the 130W mark on 4/2 at midnight and then we will gybe down toward the marquesas from there. The forecast is calling for light winds through the ICTZ so we are hoping that we will be able to sail a lot of it.... it just depends on the direction of the winds and if they are consistent. Otherwise we will flip on the engines and make our way through...

As I have been out here for a little while looking around the boat... I am realizing there are a few things that I brought that I could have definitely left at home... One is all the equipment we brought to keep in shape... First, there is no time or if there is I sure as heck don't want to break out yoga mats and resistance bands... Secondly, pulling the sheets, raising the sails, the dinghy, trying to keep balance... etc... you are in constant motion. Another set of items... All of my beauty lotions and creams... Ha Ha... not that anyone ever sees you in the first place but... your face is in a constant state of wet, sweaty or grimy... to add lotion onto that.. UGH> Yuck. I must say that the 7 portable egg carton containers I bought to carry the eggs from the market in was a waste of time. The plastic ones they sell in Mexico work much better and when they are done I store my limes in them to keep them fresh. I brought a kindergarten classroom full of art supplies... not so much needed and ends up making a mess that you ultimately don't have space for.
Things I couldn't live with out.....#1 is the kindle! I can't believe how much all of us are reading and without this device there is no way we could have brought the amount of books on board that we need to. #2 My wonder washer.... it is really nice to have something so small that works so well to wash your clothes. It also uses very little water which is a precious resource for us out here. #3 Lock and Lock containers along with the containers the peanuts from Costco come in. Also the plastic containers costco sells the apples in. It helps to keep the fruit fresh and since they don't touch the don't contaminate the other fruits... Once the apples are gone I put oranges in the. Need to have a pressure cooker .. I make a lot of one pot meals because everything you eat needs to come out of a bowl unless you are in a mellow anchorage. If you put your food on a plate is slides or rolls off the plate. I love my yogurt maker and my sprouter... it is nice to have fresh green spouts that you can grow your self. You really start to miss the crunchy healthy food so this is a nice additive to salad and sandwiches. Out of the kitchen now we purchased these gear ties that are useful for a bunch of things. we tie hoses up with them, fishing poles, tie up anything. They do break under pressure but they are really handy and nice to have.... the kids also use them for toys,

This was just a start to the list... there are more and when I can Chris and I will put a list together of tools we couldn't do this trip without.

This crossing so far has been easier that I ever expected and the seas have been the same as you find in the San Francisco Bay in July... maybe even a little less... Knock on wood this all continues for us for another 10 days. The forecast is looking good for us so far for the next 72 hours out... and then some... lets hope it stays the same.

Hugs and love to all


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  1. Really enjoying your writing and the sharing of your family adventures! Very helpful list of what was helpful and what was not. Thank you!