Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pacific Passage Crossing: Day 7

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update today.. I think we are starting to cross time zones so now when the sun used to rise at 6:45 it now rises at 8:15. It is weird to have all these little changes happening. The seas have been really confused for the last few days. They aren't big it is just annoying to be sailing in them because we are constantly being rolled around from side to side. It is a definite core and leg work out. We are constantly having to brace ourselves. If you can imagine going up and down stairs with either hot tea or bowls of soup and then having your floor either drop out from underneath your step or rise up on you as you go for your next step and then on top of that turn a sharp 45 degree angle and tilt.... I feel like the little ball in the labyrinth game. It is starting to wear on our nerves and stomaches and we find that all of us just want to go to sleep to get through it. It really is exhausting after awhile.

At least we have sunny skies. The winds are consistent so we can make good southerly progress to our waiting point to see when and where we should motor across the ICTZ. We want the range to be the smallest so that we have the least amount of weather issues. We are currently at 12.38N and 119.47W. We are heading a course of 186 and are cruising at about 7-9 knots. Wind speeds are around 14 - 16 knts from the NE and are coming in a broad reach... (i think).. It really is perfect except for the washing machine we are in. I am finally starting feel a little like a sailor... I am starting to get a comfortable clue on how to change all the sails and how to trim them. PHEW>>>> wasn't sure I was ever going to get there. Of course when you are on the same tack for 4 days you get an idea of how to trim the sail.

We haven't been able to do much for school today since we are all sleepy and afraid to get sick.. but the kids are doing well. Alexia and Tristan are just reading up a storm. Tristan had to read a book for school and he finished it in a day. What they say about the kids reading is really true. There really isn't much else to do and it is a nice escape. It is hard to walk around safely on the boat so there is a lot of sitting. Movies, reading, games and drawing are about our only activities.

We crossed the 1,000 mile mark today so we will have a cake to celebrate. Not sure what will be for dinner, it may just be top ramon at this point.

Hugs and love to all.


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