Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 5: Pacific Crossing Passage

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know it is another uneventful day. We are really getting in our grove now and all is well on board. We have had another good day of winds and fair seas. The swells were a little confused this morning but then they had their coffee and got there mojo on. We are now cruising at 6-7knts in 11-13knt winds and are heading at 266 degrees. The winds are from the east and we have been told by commanders weather to keep on this west path until we reach longitude 123 and then we will make a B line for the Equator. The winds should be in our favor and we should beable to do this on Saturday. They will keep us posted on where to cross the ICTZ which our last word was around 6 latitude and 122 longitude.. now 123... Another boat that is getting advice from a weather router in New Zealand was told to cross at 8 latitude and 123 longitude.. so we are right on track with what the other boats are being told. It is nice to have so many boats out here and to hear them on the net and to be able to compare weather from what ever point they are at. Our current position is 14.57 North and 116.21 West and we have gone 750 miles so far. We have about another 300 to get to the point where we need to turn drastically left... lefting, leftaroo....

Today was good. Our routine on the boat is basically what ever keeps our sanity. Unlike all the advice that has been given on the blogs to have a routine and a schedule..... I definitely am not able to follow any type... We eat what we feel like from one of the 14 meals I prepared or what ever we feel like cooking. Tonight is the tuna that was caught the other day and RESTS>>>> Yes, Oma we are definitely eating all the RESTS (Leftovers). Nothing is going to waste. I have been sprouting for fresh greens on the boat and just harvested my first batch of alfalfa sprouts. It is really nice to have something to crunch into and something that is fresh! I started my next batch which is a salad type mix of seeds, lentils of all sorts, alfalfa and other stuff. My challenge is to see if I can get the kids to eat it. I also made chocolate chip cookies today.. that was a treat and made a double batch so we could keep the mix in the fridge to pull out and bake fresh cookies.. when ever the generator is on. Yum... I can't wait for tonight's batch.

We had a little school. It is rough getting the kids to focus on school out here. We should be getting way ahead but whenever the seas change or even just after awhile everyone starts to get sick and needs to take a break.. Then getting them back to the table is always a challange. Amaia is really picking up on her fractions.. I love watching them excel so easily. Alina is working on adding 2 digit numbers and is really taking a liking to it. I think she likes the order of it... keeping her numbers in line and having to have neat numbers. She is really anal about her handwriting and organization. I love it. Alina's reading has really taken off as well. We have been reading a ton together since we left and she has made leaps and bounds of progress in her ability to read and read fluently. I am really enjoying working with them right now.

I have been making a video blog of this passage and now Tristan and Amaia are wanting to do it as well. It is really fun to see them input on Photo booth and do a little synopsis of our day.

One of the exciting things that happened today besides the feast of the cookie dough and the fight over licking the last of the spoon and bowl.... was catching a bird in our fishing line. It is really sad to see them back there. We have actually caught 3 so far on this trip... 2 fish and 3 birds. I can't believe they are traveling so far from land and when they see our squid lures in the water they dive after them. Don't worry we have been able to save them all and they end up flying away and then circling the boat again with me yelling at them to get away... but today chris had to reel one in onto the boat because the hook was stuck on its beak... We were able to undo it and chris held it for a little while for the girls to take a look at and then set it free. I hope that we aren't catching the same bird over and over again... stupid thing :@)

Well our forecast for tonight is some squally showers and it is overcast today. Then more squally showers for tomorrow. I hope this isn't a sign of our really cool weather changing. It has been nice being able to set the sails and then not have to really check on anything for a few hours. We will see.

Hugs and love to everyone.


From Amaia:
We are on the 5th day of the passage to the marquesas. It still isn't very fun because we cant see land. It is kind of fun because we get to watch movies and play games and stuff. Mom is making chocolate chip cookies right now and it is really cool because we rarely get cookies or treats. It is pretty cool because i can read a lot and not get sea sick because i have earned my sea legs. We have caught lots of birds on this trip.... one even flew into our wind generator... that one didn't make it.. but the others flew away.

P.s. why do I keep dropping my kindle.... :@)

Love, Amaia

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