Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pacific Passage Day 8

Hello Everyone,

Not much to report today except that we have had consistent winds in the 18 to 22 knot speed and we are flying... it is nice to be covering so much ground but I am really starting to feel it in my bones. Physically your muscles start to ache. It is hard to walk around and if you do you are hanging on to something. I used to love this in the bay for about 4 or 5 hours... but after 48 hours of it... Im just tired. I am looking forward to a little calmer weather.. or dropping an anchor. The weather is good. Skies are clear. We came across our first squalls last night and were able to skirt around them only getting a little trickle of rain on the boat. It really is true that they show up on the radar so you can do your best to avoid them. They are also pretty pronounced and easy to spot on the horizon..... especially with the moon being so bright.

We have gone 1230 miles on our trip meter. We have about 120 miles to hit 123 W where we will probably be turning south again. It seems that the winds and our comfort are really deciding which direction we take. We are currently at 10.32 N and 121.03 W and are on a course of 262 at speeds from 8 - 11 knots. The swells are around 6 -8 feet but are about 20 seconds apart, and confused so you just feel like your on thunder mountain railroad. Okay maybe one notch down from that but at this time I am so done with it that my nerves are getting shot. Then add the slamming on the boat from the water underneath and the whole boat jumps up and vibrates until the wave passes.... UGH! The kids are doing great. I think they have read everything on their kindle and listened to all the music they can over and over again. I have been able to read myself so I guess I can say that my sea legs have officially kicked in... A few of the books I have just finished (for my book clubs) are "The girl on the train".... Loved it. Ordinary Grace and One Lavender Ribbon. I finally finished Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore... That was good too.

Okay... I think this is about all I can get out for now. Some people are entering our coordinates into Google Maps if you interested to see where we are in the world.

Hugs and love to all,


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  1. Love following you guys on the maps! Keep your head up and Morgan says we're getting the guest room all set for when you guys are back stateside! She also says we'd bring you a rum n coke and Cadbury eggs if we had a helicopter :)

  2. The Terrapin Crew is sending good thoughts. You got this!!