Monday, March 30, 2015

Pacific Passage Day 9

Hello Everyone,

Just checking in again... This one will be short because of the mechanical bull we are riding. The swells have picked up and their confusion is messing with our heads... But it isn't uncomfortable just really annoying. You literally have to sit down and hang on even when sitting... We heard from commanders weather, our weather passage team, they suggest that we keep going west and then turn south at the 130W longitutde line. They say that the winds are light but good to help us cross the ICTZ and that there doesn't look to be any squall activity there for the next 10 days... So we have to continue on our course for another 3 days... unfortunately they also said that there isn't much of a reprieve of the swell conditions... I feel like I am at Mile 21 in my marathon and telling myself okay... only 3 more days to get out of this washing machine... the boat is handling everything great! Auto is driving like a champ day and night and we are just trekking along. Off to the races... and as Gayle says, "Honey lets not race the house..." although at this point I'm saying lets just get out of here... Spirits are still holding up, we are still charting all the boats that are in this with us and exchanging emails for position and weather conditions. Did I say it is nice to know they are out here and we can all help each other!

Currently we are at 9.23N and 123.41W our heading is 265 degrees and we are going 8 - 10 knots in 17-23 knot winds. 1427 miles into our trip of about 3,000. Last night was interesting... I was sitting on my watch at 3:30 in the morning, minding my own business, reading my kindle.... when this flying fish decides to join me. He jumps onto our boat hitting my leg and then landing on my foot and starts to flop around... needless to say it scarred the B-Jesus out of me and I had to get Chris's fishing glove to grab him and throw him over. I was up for a few more hours after that so Chris got a little extra sleep. These silly flying fish are landing all over our boat at night. During the day they are fun to watch fly out of our way as we go along. There are also these tiny little brown birds that look like sparrows... not sure what they are doing out here, or how they survive... did I already mention this... sorry not much to talk about.. :@)

All the kids are doing well. We havent been able to do any schooling with the motion we are in, so they are back to reading and minecrafting... Anyway gotta go look at the horizon for a little while so I don't get sick.. but we are all doing great... Knock on wood and that we keep blazing our trail to the Equator. I can't wait!

Hugs and love to all


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