Friday, March 27, 2015

Oops... Correction TODAY is Day 6 of Pacific Crossing Passage...

Hello Everyone,

Well... so since this trip I have come to realized that unless I look at my watch I have no idea what day of the week it is and especially what day of the month. We left La Cruz on Saturday night 3/21 and now it is Friday 3/27 at Noon. The days seem to blend together... we are often doing the same things during the day so you forget what day it is. We don't have anywhere to be or anytime frame of something to be doing so the hours just melt together. The scenery is always the same... blue, blue blue both and then maybe some grey.

Even with the light winds we were able to go 157 miles in 24 hours...Our second fastest day.... Yay. One of the times of day we look forward to is listening to the net at night. It is really fun to hear the other voices out there and to see where everyone is. The kids all gather around the table and we have the chart out and are putting little stickers on the kid boats that we are close to. Amaia has figured out that we travel about an inch a day and is now using the ruler herself to see how many more days we have till we reach land. It has stopped all the questions of are we there yet and when will we be there. She looks everynight to see where we are and where her friend Jacintha is and then she tries to measure how much longer we have. It is really cute to see her do this.

Last night I cheated and turned on the engine. I felt so guilty doing this. I really struggled with the decision to do it. I have been racing in my own mind to try and catch up with the other boats out there and look forward to passing their plotted points that I felt bad using the engine. The winds died down drastically and really turned behind us so unless we went way out of our way we couldn't catch a breeze. After bobbing for about 30 mins and going about 2 -3 knots I said screw this and I took down the gennaker sail, centered the main sail and then turned south to make a little south progress. We were cruising at about 6 knots but we were going in the right direction... it felt good. We ran the engine for 8 hours and then the winds have really picked up. Since this morning we have been sailing in about 15 - 18 knot winds and averaging speeds of 8 - 10 knots. We even hit 11.5 knots.... so nice to be cruising quickly. At this speed we should be able to reach our turn left (south) point of 120 w longitude by tonight. I will be nice to start making southerly progress.

With the swells picking up and the winds we are being rocked a little more than we have been used to so the kids have just been reading and playing. I can't help them much with the home schooling so we worked on out addition facts and are really getting them down by memory... me too... I hear it helps for when you are older :@)

We lost another lure yesterday with something that almost ripped our fishing pole out of the harness it is in. The pole almost bent in half and then the line snapped. Tristan thought it was a good idea to get the pole and I just knew that if he would have been able to take it out of the holster we would have lost him overboard... That was some big fish and as kaela says, " that fish eats lures for breakfast'!". I just know there is some fish out there that is 400 pounds wearing our fishing lures as bling bling....!

Hugs and love to all


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