Saturday, March 21, 2015

Here We Go.... Puddle Jumping across the Big Blue!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to send a really quick note.  We are leaving today for the Marquesas Islands.  It is a journey of about 3000 miles and about 20 - 30 days at sea depending on weather.  We are all provisioned with Food, Water, Gas and sanity checkers,,,, games, books, arts and crafts, equator celebration stuff,  Easter stuff, and gifts for the kids of Polynesia... and our weather wind for any wind at all is the next 2 days... to hit the trades.

We added a page to our blog site.  It says tracker and we will be reporting our position and information to Yotreps along the way and they will update where we are and what is going on around us.  It is under the page "Tracker - follow us across the Pacific" and just click on the link if you are interested.  Of course we haven't tested this so lets cross our fingers that it actually updates... It was a good thought anyway.  We may not update everyday but will do as often as we can.

It has been a whirl wind getting ready, but the motors are all checked, parts in place, forestay is repaired and installed, rig is tuned, generator is good, safety equipment all charged, checked over and ready for use.... Not sure what else there is to do except cleaning the bottom of the boat so we can go faster... We will do that at anchor in Punta De Mita on our way out.  We have said our good byes which as always is extremely emotional.  The older kids had made some really great friends here in La Cruz and so it was hard to see them go.  Us parents as well.  We will miss all you guys and look forward to reconnecting in the future.  Best of our wishes for your journeys in every direction! I'm sorry I missed a picture with you guys Katia.  Alexia will miss you tons.  Please send us one for Lexi so she can keep it on her computer.  Love you guys!  It has been a real treasure for her to have you as a friend.  You guys are like soul sisters... in many ways.

We won't be able to send updates with photos but will be blogging along the way.. Or chris will because I get sea sick... hopefully it will go away soon.

Take care,

Love and Hugs to everyone.


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  1. Best wishes to your family! We are excited to see your posts along the way. Can't believe you are already on your way! We will be thinking about you!

    -Amanda & Jared (s/v Friday)