Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Getting ready for the jump... Puddle Jump that is...

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone on what is happening.  We are currently in the Marina at La Cruz.  We have been given a weather window to depart the bay here and head to the Marquesas as of Friday or Saturday.  There are 175 boats that are registered to make this leap with us.  I am getting really nervous, anxious, sick, sleeping issues, etc... but I also know that we are super prepared from the extra gas tanks, extra water, 14 meals preprepared for the trip, provisioning, charts, medical items, games, books, toys for the crossing... etc.  There is so much on our to do list over the next five days that it seems really daunting until you can see that you are actually checking off some of the items.

example of our to do list:
forstay replacement... Okay so this is a deal breaker
Engine Part for one of the engines... : also a deal breaker
change oil in generator and engines
dive bottom of boat for cleaning and checking zincs...
Checking all safety equipment
going through safety and emergency drills
provisioning with fresh fruits and veggies
another costco run for peanut butter and pub mix
fix leaks in dinghy
Outhaul replacement
navigation software download on computer
fill up on fuel
Have dinghy chaps delivered
pick up computer from repair shop
dentist trip for tristan
port captain checkout
Wash curtains, sheets and clothes for passage

Items completed:

chris passed his general's license for the Ham Radio (HUGE)
Heads are ready and smell free
Fans installed
Boat inspection done
Eisenglass replaced... unfortunate crack all of a sudden on last passage

Anyway... that is the short list... all these things take a while and it seems that we are having several sleepless nights trying to get these checked off.  It doesn't seem to matter how prepared you feel you are there is always so much more to do to double make sure that you have done your best to make sure you are prepared.  It always seems that we are stressed when we are here in the marina because of all the appts you set to get work done and your boat is torn apart trying to get to all the tools, equipment and things that need to be done.

Just a quick update on Amaia and her pirate eye... it has completely healed and looks great.  So nice to see how quickly the kids heal.

The kids have been enjoying being in the Marina with all their friends and running amuck on the docks and other peoples boats.  There are many dogs on our dock and so Amaia and Alina have been charging the owners a peso to walk their dogs for them.  They are having a good time with this.  What I really think is that the owners are paying them a peso to get the kids off their boat and take the dogs with them.

Tristan, Alexia, Amaia and Alina have been enjoying a Silks class in town.  They are learning how to climb with silks and they are loving it.  I guess this can count for their PE class session.  What a unique opportunity to have this class going on in the town we are in and how easy it is for the kids to walk up on their own.  They love meeting their friends and then walking up to class.

We are all anxious, excited and completely out of our minds thinking about the adventure that we have been planning for in the last 10 years coming to light.  I can't believe it is here and we will be sailing the ocean blue in the next 7 days.  Think of us.. wish us fair winds, calm seas and a speedy venture to the beautiful Marquesas islands.

Hope all is well and you are enjoying your own adventures... take time to watch a sunset or two.

Hugs and love to all



  1. None of this is insurmountable for you two - hang in there and it'll be done soon enough.

    You are all SO ready for this. Thinking of you as you prepare.

    Ciao and love

    Bro Mike

  2. Thank God the heads are clean and steel free!! Good luck, you've got this!
    Love you guys!!

  3. Smell free, not steel free!! Dang autocorrect!

  4. We'll be thinking of you on your grand adventure. Remember to enjoy the journey along with the destinations. Fair winds and following seas! Love, The SV Ohana Crew