Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 4 of Pacific Crossing

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to update you... It is currently 4 our time on March 25. We are cruising at 9 knots in 12 knots of wind. I can't thank our boat friends from Flight enough for our $500 peso Spinnaker and how much it has scooted us across in these light winds. We are so spoiled with it being so easy to change out spinnakers to get the best course and winds available. Today was a little over cast and we see some rain showers ahead of us. The forecast calls for possible showers and then for tomorrow possible squally showers so we have been practicing taking down spinnakers and reefing. I think we are good. Today is the first day that I think I may have my sea legs... I don't get as nearly sick as I used to in the same sea conditions and am able to type while we are being rocked from side to side with the swells hitting us on our side. The swells have picked up a little from last night, they are about 4 - 6 feet but they are so far apart that you feel like you are on a kiddy roller coaster ride. All is good on the boat front. She is really happy and is getting us across comfortably.

In regards to all of us.. we are doing great. The kids are keeping busy with changing activities and so much reading... They are playing some games and Tristan is still working on his french. Chris brought out the chart today and went over our plans with the kids and how many days we are GUESSING it will take us to get to the islands. We think if all goes well it will take us another 16 days... How cool is that. It really is true what they say about adjusting to being out at sea and making the time pass. Everyone is on different sleep cycles and so the time passes quickly especially with all our naps... we are just sleeping our way through... We are listening to lots of music.. Alina has made herself the official entertainer on board and dances all around for us. We had a great dinner last night of Potato soup and broccoli... Tonight Alina gets to pick because she hasn't been able to enjoy a dinner in the last three nights. For tonight's dinner it is spaghetti. She is so excited... how easily the simple things become something to look forward to.

We are currently at Latitude 15.05 North and Longitude 114.00 west... our heading is 256 and we are doing 9.9 Hell Yay baby! we are flying I love it! We just passed 600 miles out on our trip meter.

Hugs and love to all.


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  1. The napping and sleeping sounds super dreamy :)